RNI runs as an automated service with Otto playing the tunes from 11pm on Sunday to 7pm on Wednesday.
DJ presented shows run from Wednesday 7pm until 11pm Sunday.
Shows are live and interactive on Sundays 2-11pm and also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
Pre-recorded shows are broadcast in English, Dutch and German.
All live shows are in English.
RNI was once an offshore radio station broadcasting to Europe from the ship Mebo II in the North Sea between 1970 and 1974.

Garry Stevens created his version of RNI in July 2008. It came about because he to decided to change the name of the jukebox internet radio station he was running to RNI to make use of the RNI jingle package that he had (which he later obtained the owners exclusive permission to use).  The listenership increased 10 fold almost overnight! Not long after Duncan James suggested doing some live shows on Sunday evenings, Duncan, Nigel James and Mike Andrews did regular lives shows every Sunday from 6-12pm.  Soon after some pre-recorded English shows were introduced. The popularity increased and German and Dutch DJs started submitting programmes to RNI, so truly recreating the European sound of the 70s RNI.


Garry's original RNI site can be found at rni.vze.com and contains a wealth of information.
Radio Northsea International is a free and unlicensed pirate radio station on FM, AM and online.
All of our web streams are non UK based.
RNI is run as not for profit station and carries no paid advertising.
To contact RNI visit rni.vze.com for details.