Memories of Dave Nicholas
Dave with the roving mic attempting to interview one of the RNI cats


Dave at the first London RNI BBQ getting the thoughts of Steve Chesney


Dave and Duncan on a normal day out


Dave and Duncan at it again


Dave preparing to give Mel away at Mel and Terry's wedding


Dave in his element as MC at Mel & Terry's wedding


Often mentioned in Dave's live shows but never seen...Jingles the cat

David Mason aka Dave Nicholas first came across RNI at Easter 2010.
He soon became more involved with RNI and started presenting shows. 
He then moved up to being the English service manager being responsible for the English service DJs and shows on RNI. 
This eventually lead him to being the manager of all the DJ shows on RNI.
He was Garry's right hand man responsible for the day to day running of RNI outside of Otto's automated service.

He will be greatly missed by all at RNI

If you have any memories of Dave that you would like to share then please put them in an email and send them to radio@dr.com

Simon remembers

I first had contact with Dave in the RNI Chat Room many years ago during the Sunday evening "Pop Quiz" hosted by Duncan James. We chatted a lot about the state of radio nowadays and how things were so much better in the past.

We continued chatting most Sundays and I told him about the radio shows I did during the 1980s and 1990s. He invited me to do a show for RNI. I turned him down at first as I have eyesight problems nowadays. But Dave offered to help me put a show together of Motown Music. We both liked it and for the next two years I was able to do this Motown show with his help.
I can not thank Dave enough for encouraging me to restart doing radio shows, it wouldn't have been possible without his help and I am forever in his debt.
Rest in peace buddy! 


Moofie Remembers

I used to chat with Dave Nicholas about golden oldies and loved the old music he and others played on RNI. One day I told him I ran my own station for all of a few months and it was then he asked me to do shows for RNI, so it was he who gave me my big break on internet radio outside of my own station and I absolutely loved it. I did two separate gigs for him/RNI and Iíll always be grateful to him for that.
Rest in peace my old friend


Mike Guy remembers

A chapter in RNI has closed with the sad passing of David.

He always gave me a nice time slot for the music documentaries I produced for the bank holiday broadcasts.

David was particularly interested in one feature on my visit to the legendary Muscle Shoals Recording Studios in Alabama which he had also visited.

Remembering a loyal supporter of RNI who worked tirelessly for the station.  It was a real labour of love.


Dave Lane remembers

David was a super guy and carried the torch for Pirate radio. We spoke only once but up until his illness he was in touch 








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