RNI has multiple streams of varying quality and data usage from 32k to 320k

RNI can also be heard on multiple streaming platforms including MyTunerRadio

You can also hear RNI on smart speakers

For the Alexa smart speaker just say
Alexa ask My Tuner Radio to play RNI Radio dot net"

        Stream links for other players and wifi radios

32k AAC   http://rni.zapto.org:8006

128k MP3 http://radionorthsea.zapto.org:8008
    or        https://listentomystream.com:8008

320k MP3






Here at RNI, we've been broadcasting on the internet for many years. We are a "Not-For-Profit" internet radio station. We can also be heard on FM and AM, and sometimes on SW. These are all unofficial frequencies, all over the UK, USA and Europe. Check your radio, you may well hear us where you are. We are a so called "pirate radio station", but we prefer to call ourselves a free radio station. It's where radio began in the UK, and indeed some places around the world.
So keep the dream alive, and give it a listen.

To contact RNI visit rni.vze.com for details.

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